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Chichen Itza

the mother ruin site

Well we woke up early in Vallodolid to get to Chichen Itza early. The weather was just typical rainforest... pouring rain. Blazing sun. Back again.
C.I. was definitely the grandest of the ruin sites. Things were roped off so we couldn't ascend the escalones (which is why we were attracted to Coba.)

There was the area of a "thousand pillars" however, I couldn't count to a thousand, so I'm not sure how many there ACTUALLY were.DSC01707.jpg
We discovered the ancient beginnings of tic tac toe!
And decided that Coby is probably a lot taller than the average Mayan...DSC01711.jpg
There were also some neat caves but we didn't explore too far just in case giant snakes lived in them.DSC01713.jpg
After we felt we saw all the untouchable ruins we could handle, we picked up and headed for Coba.

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We decided then to leave Bacalar and head for the mother of all ruins: Chichen Itza. The plan was to head Northwest to Valladolid, spend the night, wake up early to head West to Chichen Itza, then head Southeast, hit Coba, and end up in Coby's favorite at that point, Tulum. The road to Valladolid was small and eventful. We did pass a jail. We did pass a craft store of things made at the jail. We did pass a military checkpoint but not before their thorough inspection of mini-G (my new travel guitar.) And for as big as Valladolid was, it was quiet and pretty boring. We did however find humor in a literal translation on a menu... if perro is a dog, perrito is a little dog, burro is a donkey, what is a burrito? Just read the menu!

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El Fuerte

After finding it was illegal to take the rental car South to Belize and before heading back North to Valladolid, we visited El Fuerte in Bacalar. The old fort was set up to protect wood. Yes, a tree whose bark was useful in dyes was so costly it needed a fort to protect it from being stolen. In the old fuerte now is a museum. In it a fantastic mural depicting the violence between the Spanish and Mayans while the land was being conquered. Also artifacts, human remains, and even ancient interactive computers! We were able to learn about the Pirates of the Carribean and how the west, er, south? was won/lost.

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Laguna Bacalar

First we found Carolina's.DSC01614.jpgDSC01615.jpg
Then we waited for the right time to visit Cenote Azul.DSC01596.jpg
Here we are jumping off. It seemed pretty high from the top!

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At Carolina's, we met a couple who had been to QR about 6 or 7 times. They were very into checking out all the Mayan ruins (of which there seem to be a hundred sites!) We pretty much had narrowed it down to the major place to get our fill: Chichen Itza. The man was so convincing, however, that Kohunlich was the most beautiful, so we decided to go a little further South to check it out.
It was beautiful... very few people. We took a trail to the 177 escalones (I'm not sure what the number was) which means stairs.

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