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OK, this is meant to be read AS one goes through the trip they're on, sort of like a journal, however, since you're getting it all at once there are a few simple things you can do to have it make more sense. One: stop panicking. We'll get through this together. Two: start from the beginning which is at the "bottom" of the page. Go ahead and scroll down, then hit the last number of the sequence, 3 I thini. Scrolling to the bottom of THAT page will bring you to the beginning of our trip. Each posting is for a different area we were in, you will get the idea.
As you finish with each page, you'll again go backwards... 3 2 1... I bet you can handle it.

I hope you enjoy! We sure did!

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Puerto Morelos

la Favorita

It didn't take us long to realize this WAS our favorite!

Almost immediately upon arrival, we found the hotel that was recommended to us by the couple in Laguna Bacalar @ Carolina's place (that told us to check out Kohunlich.) Pasado Amor. Lost Love Hotel. After getting settled, we stopped in for some food. Met some Americans who ever so kindly put vodka in our breakfast OJ's, and we then headed for the beach. Luckily, the weather for our two days in PM was spectacular.

At breakfast, we made a friend, Blaine, that kind of showed us the ropes of where to hang out in PM. He had lots of great tips including how to fish for cheap next time we're there... fishing charters can be very expensive if you don't know another way. We were also introduced to a neat restaurant/bar on the ocean called Tuna.

Nearing the end of the trip, I got concerned with picking up a few things I wanted to have, so Blaine took us to a smal market. I bought hammock chairs for the porch and a gourd lamp that needs to be rewired.
On our very last night, we went to a restaurant called "Hola Asia" for some mediocre Thai food (couldn't handle one more taco...) and watched the children play in the park from the second story outside air 'table' we were sitting at.
As you can tell from the severe lack of pictures during these two days, we enjoyed ourselves too much to remember the camera. Again, our favorite town so far, and nicely placed at the last of the trip. The next day, our only need was to arrive in Cancun in time for a 4pm flight. We had one last lunch in PM, (and one last pina colada size large,) and headed for Cancun. We did have plenty of time, not that you could tell by the picture, he meant business with that pina!

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Playa del Carmen

tourista overload

It didn't take long in "playa" to realize this wasn't our town. After walking along the beach, we decided to cut through to the street... we had to walk through a hotel, and decided to grab a drink at their outside bar. And boy, when they say Happy Hour down there, they really mean it. Look at the size of those 2go glasses! Plus, 2go... how nice was that?!
Later that night we walked the pedestrian only zone. It goes on for blocks and blocks paralleling the ocean. We found some very handy shops. One of them being Drugs & Deli. I think our favorite, however, was Drugs & Liquor, but as you can imagine after a stop in a shop like that, I forgot to snap a picture!
Our hotel in playa was the first aero acondicionado. It felt GREAT!

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back again

Well here we were back in Tulum again after the big triangle excursion. We decided on Hotel Paraiso. Who doesn't want to stay in paradise?
Next morning we had to clean up Coby's mess he left in the sand.
We spent a day beach bumming, and the next day was Xcaret!

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last ruins for us

We drove into Coba around lunchtime. After picking up an old woman who was walking in the rain (and dropping her off down the road,) we pulled into the ruin sites entrance. And boy was it pouring!DSC01715.jpg
Once inside the park, we had the choice to either rent bicycles and pedal ourselves to the ruins, rent bicycles and pay somebody ELSE to pedal us, or walk. We walked... and noticed that the folks who were getting pedaled around didn't look us in the eye and looked a little guilty. Hmmm.
Well the rain broke just as we approached the base so we made a break for it.DSC01718.jpg
Huffed and puffed our way up... and the view wasn't bad!

We descended at just the right time because it started to POUR just as we reached the pile we left at the bottom...

On the way out of the town, we came across these 3 boys with a crocodile. One boy had a raw chicken tied to a string. He would toss it out and the croc would snap at it, but when it readjusted its bite, the boy whipped the chicken out with the use of the string. Put on a pretty good and decidedly dangerous show for us. The other two boys insistantly asked "propina, propina?" Tips?

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